Researching and creating innovative products for nature and health of plants

Increase crop yield and quality
Environmentally friendly and sustainable development


About Us

Amelio Biotech was established in 2016 and focuses on green products for agriculture.
We transformed scientific and innovative researches into environmental friendly-products to increase crop yields and quality.
We use nano-emulsion system in biopesticides and amino acid chelating system in fertilizers both working together to benefit the growth of plants.

Our Core Value

Environmentally friendly

Innovative Research and Development

Nano-Emulsion Technology

We use Nano-Emulsion Technology in biological pesticides to pursue the safest and fastest Integrated Pest Management.

Amino Acid Chelating Technology

Amino Acid Chelating Technology enable amino acids to chelate minerals required for plants to form 100% water-soluble amino acid chelates. Amino acid chelates provide amino acids and minerals for plants at the same time, and promote the crop quality and yield.

Water-Solubilization Technology

By using Water-Solubilization Technology, polysaccharides are processed to be 100% water-soluble. Water-soluble polysaccharides can induce immune response of plants, promote the biotic and abiotic tolerance of plants, and upregulate the expression of growth gene to increase yield .

Amino Acid Chelate fertilizers

Soil Friendly

Maintain soil balance
Most friendly to the land

High Absorptivity

Nutrients in chelated form were absorbed by the crops immediately
Provide nutrients to the crops with maximum bioavailability

Excellent Water Solubility

100% Water-soluble amino acid chelates
Absorbed quickly by foliar feeding or soil drenching


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